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When I was a kid in Mexico City, my best friend passed away. I was very little and I was very angry at the world. My mother said, ‘Well, I’m going to teach you about the Day of the Dead.’ That’s how I learned about it. And she said, ‘Your friend is here. As long as you talk about him, as long as you keep his name with you and you talk about him, you invite him to your birthday party, he’ll be here. And in a second he’s going to come visit.’ And so that’s what I did every year for my birthday and eventually he was my best man in my wedding. We just got married on The Day of the Dead November 2nd so he could be there. Every time I worked on the movie it was with him by my side, and the movie is dedicated to him. So I definitely have a connection to this holiday that is very personal.
Jorge Gutierrez (via pyrosmiley)



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